Ways and Means


The Ways and Means Committee Chairperson is a member of the Executive Board, annually selected and appointed at the discretion of the officers of the board. The Ways and Means Committee Chairperson presides over the Ways and Means Committee. Once appointed, he/she is a voting member of the board as a standing committee chairperson.
The Ways and Means Chairperson shall attend all General meetings and Board meetings, or send a non-voting delegate from his/her committee to make a report, or send a written report as requested.


  • Assist the PTA Board in raising the money needed to meet the proposed PTA Budget. Work cooperatively with the board, especially the treasurer.
  • Form and chair committee to come up with fundraising plans for the year’s activities.
  • Review previous years’ successes and failures, review present companies that PTA is dealing with and present proposed Ways and Means budget, along with fundraising projects, to the board for approval.
  • Oversee major fundraising events.
  • Maintain a “Procedure Book” to be passed on to his/her successor.