The Treasurer is an elected position. The Treasurer shall serve for one year and shall not be eligible to serve more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position.
The Treasurer shall attend all meetings of the PTA and of the Executive Committee and Board and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated to him/her.


  • Receive and disburse all monies as authorized by the PTA membership.
  • Keep a proper and accurate account of all transactions.
  • Maintain check signers on file with the bank for financial transactions and requiring 2 signatures for checks.
  • Ensure that money collection procedures are followed, that is that two people must count all monies collected and then put into the locked and secure PTA location for the Treasurer to deposit.
  • Learn and follow financial requirements as dictated by the law, PTA policies and bylaws, and as applicable to 501(c) (3) organizations.
  • Communicate with Ways and Means Chair and other special project chairs in the collection of funds during fundraisers, events, and special projects.
  • Deposit all money in the PTA bank account in a timely manner.
  • Issue a receipt for all funds received.
  • Present a financial statement – income and expenses as compared with budget – at all board and general meetings with copies for board members and post on PTA bulletin board as requested.
  • Record use of funds under various budgeted accounts.
  • Submit treasurer’s records for an annual audit by June 30.
  • Complete the Internal Revenue form(s) regarding Federal Income Tax and return it to the Florida PTA State Office and/or IRS as required.
  • Keep PTA tax exempt certificate current as needed.
  • Work with the Membership Chairperson to remit state and national PTA dues.
  • Work with the Budget Committee in establishing the proposed budget for the next school year.
  • Maintain a “Procedure Book” to be passed on to his/her successor with the archived financial records.