The Recording Secretary is an elected position. The Recording Secretary shall serve for one year and shall not be eligible to serve more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position.   The Recording Secretary shall attend all meetings of the PTA and of the Executive Committee and Board and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated to him/her.


  • Prepare agenda with the President for the Executive Board and General Membership
    Meetings. Make copies to be distributed at meetings as needed and/or posted on the PTA bulletin board.
  • Record the minutes at Executive Board meetings and General Membership Meetings, with special attention to motions (recorded exactly as stated) and action taken. Distribute copies to board members, school secretary, webmaster, and post a copy on the PTA bulletin board.
  • Keep attendance records of board meetings. Prepare a sign-in sheet for use at monthly board meetings.
  • Keep a notebook with copies of the budget, monthly minutes, agendas, board meeting
    attendance sign-in, and the monthly treasurer’s report. The original copy of the local PTA unit bylaws, the current standing rules, a copy of the current insurance certification, annual audits and a current membership list should also be included.
  • Assist Board of Directors as needed.
  • Maintain a “Procedure Book” to be passed on to his/her successor.