PTA membership drive at beginning and throughout the year.  Stamp all membership cards and distribute.  Keep track of all members.  Develop incentive programs.  Promote all types of membership.  Track money received.


  • Create incentive programs to promote the increase of membership.
  • Attend the countywide registration and all General Assembly meetings to sign up new members.
  • Provide and maintain attendance records for all General Assembly meetings.
  • Be responsible for collecting and keeping track of all money received for membership dues.
  • Complete transmittal sheets and deposit slips for money to be deposited by the following business day.  Bank deposit slip is given to Treasurer.
  • Be responsible for distributing and keeping track of all membership cards.
  • Ensure that dues are sent in on time to state.
  • Attend all Executive Board and General Assembly meetings – and notify Vice President when unable to do so.
  • Submit a written work plan for the year to the Executive Committee for approval as well as any changes to the plan during the year.
  • Prepare and submit a budget to the Budget Committee prior to its planning meeting.