Plan and organize breakfasts—teacher appreciation week events, bring food to meetings, plan, organize, set up and clean up at events. Plan and purchase for: cafeteria appreciation, custodial, secretaries and teacher appreciations.


  • Solicit contributions (paper goods, food items, door prizes) for the General Assembly meeting and any other special program PTA offers.
  • Organize and supply all refreshments for the Executive Board and General Assembly meetings.
  • Arrive at meetings early to set up refreshments.
  • Plan special recognition for specific school personnel (Cafeteria, Custodial, Office Staff and Teachers).
  • Attend all Executive Board and General Assembly meetings, and notify Vice President when unable to do so.
  • Submit a written work plan for the year to the Executive Committee for approval as well as any changes to the plan duriug the year.
  • Prepare and submit a budget to the Budget Committee prior to its planning meeting.